Increase your low ranked pages click through rate (CTR) with our search engine optimization strategies.

Seo specialist instead of focusing local or organic SEO content to bag that top spot, they work for other relevant keywords and confused in keyword competition and keep working for the same keyword that not producing CTR In that case you need to understand what turns searchers into visitors, and visitors into clients, through first improving your organic CTR.

It’s very obvious sometimes when client require relevant keyword’s ranking and marketer do something else like target relevant long tail keywords but with no click through rate.

Why Should You Care About Your Organic Click Through Rate And Follow The Below 18 Ways to Improve It!

CTR is very important factor of your keywords ranking if you perfectly your on-page with CTR factors then your low ranked pages will improve in SERP in this way the percentage of users who click on a search engine result will increase.

Here are the ways to improve Organic CTR!

1. Use Long-Tail Keywords

2. Write Effective Meta Descriptions

3. Implement Structured Data

4. Create Posts With Images

5. Use Descriptive URLs

6. Simplify Your Title Format

7. Localize Your Content

8. Use the Listicle Format

9. A/B Test Headlines on Social Media

10. Use Yoast Preview (in WordPress)

11. Use Google Ads to Preview (Other CDN)

12. Identify CTR Winners and Losers

13. Optimize Site Speed

14. Utilize Rich Snippets

15. Activate Breadcrumb Navigation

16. Leverage Google Analytics Reports

17. Build High Converting Landing Pages

18. Use Heatmaps to Improve Site Clicks

By doing this user will find your web pages more informative and like to spend time on your website and it will be good sign for your website overall ranking health and Google will consider that you are using valuable content. In this way your low ranked keywords will improve their positions.

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